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PG 266: The Hall Of Shame

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss KFC Buffet, people upset about unemployment benefits, Black solstice powers, Facebook convo about the vaccine, Karen’s job perks, setting up the new iPhone, new TV arrives, listener feedback and the QC Nerve Hall Of Shame.


  1. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Jay Michelle lol,

    Nigga!! Black Twitter been wondering who the hell this woman is that was on KMichelle live. Tweet below. Lol

    Ain’t no way in hell. Who is that?? That ain’t KMichelle. What the Fukk is really going on?? Lol. Listen. Prayers to all those involved. Damnnn. My mind is blown at these surgeons. It’s like she’s auditioning for the movie Face Off. She’s not even herself anymore.

    I could understand if Trump was the single best president we’d ever seen in life and just had to keep being president even though he lost a close nail biting election. This ain’t nan one of them thangs. Wtf bro. This worse than them losing the civil war and erecting statues in the 50s and 60s. Fukking losers. Lol. I pray this the last of this bullshyt in our history but it won’t be. White people are truly innovative man. Even in being loser ass losers. They got these fools giving away the money they don’t have in a pandemic to grifting succubuses. The fact that we were able to rip the levers of power back from them is actually a miracle. They had everything tailor made to slide us into a dictatorship. Post office. Closing down hundreds if not thousands of polling locations (which their still doing in GA). Hours long lines. I saw somebody say they were deciding if they should early vote in GA one day and saw the line was only like an hour and a half wait and thought that was a huge victory. Imagine that. I think I have it in me but I just don’t know. Like it snowed yesterday. That snow turned into icy rain. I imagined waiting out in that with a line that was barely moving, being completely drenched and then the water freezing against my jacket. Bless them Georgians that are gonna brave lines in December and January. I pray we win. But they got the election fraud excuse chimed up. We all know it.

    Be safe y’all! Protect ya neck

  2. fyahworks

    What’s good Rod,Karen and Justin!

    Up top in nyc it’s cold as balls this week! We also getting a nor’easter! I don’t know how often or how bad y’all get snow down there, but if y’all happen to get some this week which I doubt be careful out there!

    Did you guys see the trailer for snowfall? Nigga it’s on and poppin come spring 2021! I know it’s gonna be worth the wait! My man Franklin is BACK!!!!

    Y’all have a great weekend, and as always I look forward to my favorite podcast dropping that heat! I’m always here for it! Stay blessed and safe, until next time!

    Fyahworks out

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