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PG 267: A Pimp In A Kia Sorento

Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss being on time, being lazy getting up for work, podcast hosting skills, Justin on the list for the vaccine, RHOP, Cheaters, Trial 4, Fargo finale, listener feedback and pre-game news.


  1. fyahworks

    Hey rod, karen, and Justin!

    This week I partook in the wondery produced podcast, JACKED! It’s about the new jack swing era and particularly the group Guy! It was really good and informative and narrated by the one and only taraji p Henson.

    I also saw the trailer for coming 2 America! And my man Denzel got a movie coming out called the little things with Jared Leto and rami malek, and damn does it look good!

    Before I go I want to wish Rod, Karen, Justin, turq, and you guys parents and families.,and everyone behind the paywall, a happy holiday and a safe and a healthy one!!! It’s always a joy to hear from you guys and hearing from the listeners!

    Tbgwt for life!

    Fyahworks out!

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Here’s hoping the four of you (I’m including Turq) have a great Holiday Season and New Year.

    Man, oh man the season finale of The Mandalorian was so damn good. I screamed when the Jedi came, I cried over Grogu and Mando. I have literally watched the last eight minutes of the episode 10 times, that’s how much I loved it. I wish we didn’t have to wait until next year for the next episode of The Nerd Off. Hearing you and Aaron and maybe Kris talk about it would have been awesome.

    My Christmas viewing this year will be rewatching Jingle Jangle and Canvas on Netflix (thanks for the top notch Spoiled Movie Reviews on them. Karen, you did great with your solo review of Canvas) and Soul on Disney+. I will also be watching Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on Netflix. I plan on having a Blackity-Black, socially distanced, holiday.

    FYI: Hip, Hip, Hooray! The dubbed version of Season 4 of My Hero Academia is available on Hulu. I will be diving into that over the Christmas break.

  3. rodimusprime

    What up niggas. I’m sitting here listening to the episode from 12/17 and Justin just asked if Rod is planning on watching that doc on the Regans. I watched it this week and it was dope. I’d definitely recommend it to y’all and anyone else in the fam who has Showtime. I think there’s a free trial for Showtime going on now too, so look into that if you don’t normally have that channel.

    On another note, I finally got HBO Max the other day when it came to Roku and I have added some of the things I’ve heard you guys and others mention to my list. If you haven’t already, check out the doc on DB Cooper, and the one on Action Park. Both are really good.

    Finally, I’d also encourage everyone out there to take a look at Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. I just finished a series binge of it maybe two weeks ago, and it was great. It’s created, produced, and stars Euegene and Daniel Levy. Eugene’s daughter (Dan’s sister) Sarah is also on the show. Anyway, that’s it for now. Happy Holidays.

    Leonard Brothers

  4. msmarysmile

    I’m with you Justin-love Real Housewives of Potomac. Monique came with those receipts! And I think that scene in Fargo where the brother tripped and shot himself was classic Fargo. The show was definitely a slow burn but the last three episodes definitely made up for some of the earlier ones.

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