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SMR 320: Fatale

Rod does a solo review of the new romantic thriller starring Hillary Swank and Michael Ealy, “Fatale.” I also respond to your comments on my latest reviews.



    Michael Ealy & Hillary Swank’s chemistry was straight ass. Ealy seemed like he was in a different film juxtaposed to Hillary “white woman tears” Swank, who gave a competent performance, at best. This film could’ve had The Intruder vibes, but to no avail; Fatale just doesn’t have that gear that Intruder had. Big shout out to the actor who Tyrin, who never outgrew playing Kane from Menace II Society. I probably laughed the hardest, when his plan went to shit trying to get Swank’s character to confess her role.

  2. Selester63

    What Up Rod,
    I’m a fan of these Black Executive Fan Fiction movies so I enjoyed this one. You did a good job of covering all the ridiculousness and it really made me laugh. I give “Fatale” a slight edge over “Fatal Affair” cause at least the two main characters actually had sex lol.

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