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SMR 322: Outside The Wire

Rod and Karen review the Netflix action thriller “Outside The Wire.” We also discuss your feedback on our most recent reviews!



    Saw this awhile back & was underwhelmed by Outside the Wire. Damien Idris & Anthony Mackey are pretty good together & have some solid set-pieces, but, something with the message of drones being bad & them needing them for the end felt like some “fuck everything we said & just shoehorn in this device at the end”. Felt like it could’ve been something more than just a below-par popcorn flick.

  2. Miss1ko

    Loved the review and I agree with the movie and the action was dope.

    I will say though I am a fan of Damson Idris and love his work on Snowfall.
    I swear his accent is always super generic and took me out. I had the same feeling in Snowfall. Not to knock on him but it is what it is.

    I thought he was going to be a badass at some point in the movie and he never really is. I liked that. I like how he just stayed someone who had no field acumen. I like how they had a conversation about race with the android. Enjoyed the two Black leads.

    Anthony Mackie was cool as hell and Damson was a rookie and I like that he was not some super Black man and was instead really human.

    I agree with wanting him to talk to the girlfriend on facetime or something instead of just her being a picture.

    Also, I agree with the messaging being a problem. Like sending nukes would not bring peace. No more than 911 did. See the AI was only 5 …he doesn’t remember that these drone strikes and wars were in response to 911!

    Love the review as per usual…this got me hyped for Winter Soldier too!


  3. CEPETE88

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I was glad to see a review for this movie. I had a lot of fun watching this with how intense the action scenes were and how quickly they throw you in to it. Karen made a great point about how you rarely see black people in a role like this. I also think that they’ll put those white characters in black/ brown countries and have them kill everybody (Extraction on Netflix) so watching black people go ham in a white country stood out for me.

    Damson (forever Franklin Saint) is becoming one of my favorite actors. He plays that cold-blooded role so well and when he gets into his shit-talking bag it’s just…. *chef’s kiss*. He looked a killer android in the eye and said “did your chip malfunction? ” and I fell out laughing lol. Keep up the good work y’all. Peace

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