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PG 277: It’s Mirror Not A Window

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s week off, managers who be hating, Black people in corporate America, Karen secures the PS5, Nathan For You, Farrow Vs Allen, United States Vs Billie Holiday, Age of Samurai Battle for Japan, Reply All Podcast drama and listener feedback.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Karen, Rod & Justin,

    I have the Apple personal assistant and I enjoy it. I don’t use the Bluetooth speaker part nearly as much as I have automated my home. I have lights, doors, locks, televisions, alarm system, cameras, radios, and my internet all connected. The automation comes mostly from times like sunrise and sunset. Another big push is proximity. My alarms arms based on if we are home or not. Plus that changes the temperature, which doors are locked and how my camera records. I also have it warm the oven before I get home to make dinner that much quicker.

    Apple recently added routers to their lineup that allows you to limit the data that moves into & out of your ecosystem. And since there is not exposed metal, the only time I assume you can electrocute yourself if set up, which I almost did setting up the light switches.

    Controlling my date was the reason I chose Apple over Google & Amazon. Google’s Nest has changed quality and removed features without informing customers. Amazon has had some issues where they have given information to law enforcement or their Neighbors app.

    Hope this helps, sorry it was long


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