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SMR 336: Godzilla Vs Kong

Rod and Karen review the latest entry into the Godzilla Monsterverse “Godzilla Vs Kong.” We also discuss your feedback on some of our reviews.

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    Remember when Ken Watanabe was absolutely wasted in two terrible Godzilla movies? Well, I guess I can give that honor to a blink & you’ll miss it appearance by Lance Reddick’s saying one line in two useless scenes with Kyle Chandler. Of the whole Godzilla trilogy, this one is the best, but that’s not saying much, to be honest. Despite some stellar special effects, camera work & fights, this film’s mind-numbing story is a burden on this film, like the first two films. Same for the plain as Mike Pence characters here (Kong: Skull Island would fucking never). Everyone, even Brian Tyree Henry, has little or nothing with their stories, as it feels like with its prior entries, things happens with faint explanations. You can build into a dazzling confrontation, but what does it matter if the context of Godzilla simply not caring about people & building & Kong simply being because the plot says so? Bunch of bullshit.

    What worked with Skull Island were these three things: Setting, Characters & even pacing. All three of these Godzilla-affiliated films have none of that well-executed because there’s no flow with anything. At least, it looks nice, so beautiful gowns, I guess?

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