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SMR 341: F9: The Fast Saga

Rod and Karen review the latest in the Fast And Furious movie universe “F9: The Fast Saga.” We do some trailer talk and respond to your comments on the “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.”

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    F9 is back & more insane, bonkers & even inane as ever, which, considering all the physics breaking this series has done, is crazy. I did like F9 & was at the edge of my seat plenty of times, but if F&F10, parts 1 & 2, plan on being an amazing end to the saga, they kinda do need to go back to the wells of Fast & Furious films 5-7 & maybe a dash of the original to bring it back to those heights. John Cena being in the series was nice, however, instead of trying to make Jacob a redeeming character, they should’ve had him & Charlize Theron’s Cypher be a nice 1-2 tandem. Speaking of Theron, they really gave her little to do in this film. The Dom & Jacob backstory was surprisingly well-done. Really thought it would choke the storyline of this film, but it didn’t. The whole use of magnets was cool & didn’t get old for me. I didn’t even mind them being self-referential, to be honest. In a way, I respect the decision of the film understanding how batshit crazy it is. It’s probably my 4th favorite F&F film & I’m glad Justin Lin returned, since, I think he gets everyones best in all the films he’s directed for F&F. Besides the passing of Paul Walker, I felt Fate of the Furious & even Hobbs & Shaw lost something that made Fast & Furious….well, Fast & Furious. Hope Fast & Furious 10: The Mind of Dom brings it home in style.

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