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2368: The Tools

Rod and Karen are joined by NYT Best Selling author Bassey Ikpi to discuss No Shame Day, social media’s affects on mental health, how mental health advocacy has change over the years, the rigors of therapy, the achievement of being okay and a therapy success story.

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  1. msmarysmile

    I’m late listening and really appreciated the discussion about mental health, especially around the issue of social media. One of my major social media pet peeves is when one of those Karen or Kyle videos posts and those commentators come in with “I wish they would try this in [insert Bronx, LA, Detroit or some other city]”. The online bravado is so irritating to me. And did I miss it-will Rod and Bassey be discussing Insecure when it comes back?

  2. trey_swindu744

    Just wanted to thank Bassey for being on the show , it’s always very thoughtful, informative and sincere when she is on! Thanks again!


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