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#Walking FTWD: Season 7: 3: Cindy Hawkins

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.

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  1. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod and Karen. I enjoyed this episode even while having issues with it. I enjoyed seeing Dorie Sr investigative brain breaking things down. I enjoyed the jump scare when Cindy’s mouth was sewn as well as the other ghost girls. I didn’t enjoy Dorie Sr being dumb as hell telling all their business on the radio or going above ground not knowing what was going on. Also, June drugging him when they were in the middle of an active threat was dumb. Strand was “Stranding”. Him and Morgan are doubling down on their beef and I wonder what the ultimate end game is with that? Surely Strand could kill Morgan and any of the rest of Team Family at anytime. Anywho, thanks for holding us down! -Karena aka TootieTaurus

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