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SMR 381: Lamb

Rod and Justin review the horror comedy movie “Lamb.” We had a great time reviewing it too.


  1. PamelaM8

    Dear Rod & Justin – this review had me SCREAMING!!! I want to see this movie on the strength of this review alone! “This movie was baa-aaa-aah-d”! And when you were trying to remember the name of that weird movie in the same genre I was yelling out “Midsommar”! Oh y’all was so mad at that movie and I also found that review hilarious! I saw that movie just because y’all felt so strongly about it. Remember though that it starred current Marvel fave Florence Pugh; what a difference a couple of years makes! Thanks again for your superlative content and expanding my entertainment options!

    • Gregb359

      Rod & Justin
      Lamb review. I will never watch this but your review had me crying . About to listen again, as you2 had so much fun reviewing it

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