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PG 327: Jokes For The Text Group

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss private jokes, Karen’s tech corner, lunch with Chris Lamberth, Fox News writes about Game Theory, Winning Time, Snowfall, Atlanta, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. fyahworks

    Welcome back to Charlotte Rod, & Karen

    I hope the visit was good for you karen! Rod, I’m sure you are happy to be home! And last but not least! What’s good Justin?

    Hope all is well!!

    So I’ve started fear the walking dead. But as I did some research, I saw the twd uninverse is going spin-off crazy. I never got into world beyond, but now I’m hearing the negan/Maggie spin off is a 6 ep series that takes place in Manhattan. Then there’s an anthology called tales of the walking dead which terry crews is going to be in, then there’s dead in the water! I assume has something to do with water lol. And of course the Daryl and carol spin-off, which now word has came out carol is not going to be doing, but will be more so focused on Daryl. What do you guys think of twd doing all these spin offs? Are they doing too much??

    Happy to have y’all back!!!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  2. rodimusprime

    What up squad?

    I was just touching base with y’all.

    I am proud of each and every one of youse. On god son. Deadass

    Y’all find me some time so I can fly to CLT to hang on a day trip.

    Thank you Rod for the quick convo in NYC. You a fool with then jokes. You have a kind a gentle spirit that resonates to everybody. I cherish everytime we link up bro.

    Justin, I hope everything is going well at the new gig. Telling people no is important.

    Karen, I am proud of you and everything that
    you do to live your best life and be yourself. Your laugh sparks the world.

    Do y’all thang. I’ll catch up with y’all in short order.


  3. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod,

    I hope this message finds you well. I think my last message got lost in the shuffle, so I wanted to forward it, along with my belly laughs at the segment on “the only kind of police brutality Game Theory supports.” –LOL!

    And how fabulous to end the season with an interview with a woman coach. YES, YES, YES!!!

    So glad to see you and Karen reunited and enjoying time together in NYC!

    Good vibes to you all,

  4. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    OMG!!! Rod was NOT playing when he talked about the top-notch analysis, humor, and masterful transitions in this week’s deep cut on Game Theory!!! There are too many good moments for me to recount, but a couple favorites =

    “Behold, Augusta National! … The water just glistening. The flowers blooming in technicolor. The grass look like they put bonnets on it every night to keep it intact!”


    The map of Augusta’s lush green space surrounded by a concrete jungle that gets likened to Kevin Durant’s ashy leg! “Hey, Augusta. Put some lotion on your city, man!”


    And I’m so glad to see you had a great birthday, Karen!

    Justin, congratulations on your new position. And I LOVE that moment when you told Rod to say he wouldn’t write anything else until his contract was renegotiated, and he had to admit that your jokes are often closer to what some folk do than he’ll go into on air.

    Thank you all for sharing with us!

    Rock on!

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen, Rod and Justin!

    My theory on the Snowfall tiger is that it was one of the writer’s ‘Pootie Tang’ suggestion. She or he wore the room down until finally, this season, they said, “F*ck it!” ‍♀️

    As for Franklin’s baby’s mom, I’m with Rod. He shouldn’t be this dumb or trusting, based on who he has been thus far. If he has turned dumb, family turned dumb too because they should not trust this broad who waffles between being straight-laced AND yammering freely about her scammer history. They should recognize that she either talks too much or is too straight-laced to understand the game. I think she is going to steal all the money because they keep hitting us over the head with how she comes from a scammer background and is a lawyer, so double scammer. I wrote this before the finale aired so I could be 100% wrong.

    I’m rooting for Leon and Wanda to marry and end up being the kind of old couple with the nicest house on the block that everyone refers to as Mr. Leon and Ms. Wanda even when they aren’t around cus that’s how respected and beloved they are in their community.

    Lastly, how do writers find out about writing jobs. Is that something that is listed in some publication for writers or does someone normally need an agent? I ask cus you went over the interview process but not how you (or anyone), would find out about that type of job.


    Ms. Smart

  6. rodimusprime

    Good Morning HBO’s-Own Rod and “Tech” Karen,

    Rod, it’s a few weeks late but just wanted to say I’ve been really enjoying Game Theory. Still think the Duke skit was absolutely brilliant and it really took me back to that time when I still watched college basketball and reminded me of how much I hated that team. I was surprised though that there was no mention of the absolute ASS-WHOOPING that UNLV gave them in the 1990 Championship game. I had a really annoying Duke-loving friend who talked all kinds of shit in the days leading up to it and the next day we all roasted the hell out of him.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Winning Time. It’s turned out much better than I thought it was gonna be and I had no idea about some of those crazy backstories. I also agree that the casting is superb. The dude who plays Magic nails the mix of Magic’s confidence, corniness and charm. I also really love the portrayal of Michael Cooper. The only issue I have with the show is that I find myself constantly wondering if this will be the scene when Pat Reilly finally shaves and slicks back his hair! Lol. Also can’t wait to see the casting for Kurt Rambis, when he finally enters the story.

    On Snowfall, I totally agree with your assessment. That tiger episode felt like the show was trying to do a whacky Pulp Fiction gimp-scene kind of swerve that is really out of character for the series. Also, I have a feeling Jerome is gonna have something really bad happen soon.

    Anyways, congrats on the show. You know when FoxNews is mad that you’re doing something right.

    Cheers– John

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