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SMR 404: The Gray Man

Rod gives a solo review of the Russo Bros latest Impossible White Man action flick, “The Gray Man.”




    Look, I love the Russos & their writing partners in Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeeny, I don’t think having one of the Russos (Joe) join in along with them. Gray Man takes awhile before we give a shit about it, really. There’s not really a story & our lead character is given a codename with little background on his past. Ryan Gosling is fine in the role, since his reserved style works for the character he plays. Most of the characters are too archetypal & stoic, because I feel like it’s stuck narratively. If it weren’t for a bombastically stellar second-half & Chris Evans having the entire time of his life, I wouldn’t have liked this, because it’s a film going through usual NETFLIX motions. Dhanush was really good until he dipped from Ana De Armas. Poor depiction of a redemption character arc. At least fight to a standstill. That would’ve made more sense to me. Not as good as Extraction. Hell, it’s barely below 6 Underground, but Gray Man is fun. They need a tighter, competent script for the second one. It needs to be shorter, too.

  2. RoninRaphael

    I enjoyed this movie. I guess I had not given it much thought until now about Gosling always playing the barely speaking character. Chris Evans stole the show indeed, he does play a prick really well. Even in Knives Out he was solid. Dhanush I would like to see more of, he should be the star of the sequel. The end was a separate movie to be honest, good entertaining flick but you’re right it would have been much better if they had gone the Wick route with mercenaries or assasins. Heck they could have borrowed an idea from Extraction. They were mercenaries in that movie. CIA was taking themselves too seriously but I guess they tried to stay true to the book that they adapted. Gimme more dhanush. Oh I already forgot about Anna and the rest

  3. logan2x1

    Hi Rod, hi Karen!
    Rod, I too am a Ryan Gosling anti-fan. Most of his movies that I have seen are because other actors that I like are in them. I also don’t understand Ryan’s relationship with gum. Any movie where he’s supposed to be playing someone cool, dangerous, or stoic he’s chewing gum.
    I have a theory that I liked this movie, despite it staring Ryan, because Chris Evans steals the show. I was annoyed by the script until Evans showed up and I had to remind myself “this is an impossible white man movie, just enjoy it.”
    I was sad when Chris’ character died because unless they can find another actor to play opposite Ryan, who will be just as ridiculously over the top, a sequel is not going to work.
    I LOVED all the comedic moments in this movie from Chris Evans. And I appreciate just how handsome he is, because even with that outlandish mustache, I was still feeling him. I also liked this movie because they apparently employed a lot of BIPOC stunt actors. My husband kept pointing people out to me who are notable in the stunt community. That was really cool.
    If they do get a sequel my hope is either they follow a different number assassin or they bring Chris back as a different character with different eccentric facial hair.

    Thanks for the fun review!

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