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SMR 412: The Black Phone

Rod and Joe from the “Nerds With Accents Podcast” discuss the psychological horror film, “The Black Phone.”

Joe’s Podcast

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    As much as I did like this film, the critique on the climax is totally fair game. Finny tried to Keyser Soze that shit. Bruh, you killed The Grabber with a Mortal Kombat-style fatality & you outchea trying to be Mr. Steal Yo Girl? Nah, dawg.

    Scott Derrickson’s a solid director. Only film I watched of his, prior, was his stellar interpretation of Doctor Strange in 2016. Black Phone exemplifies a lot of what I like about horror films, even suspense. I didn’t find it traumatically scary, but I did find the backstory of the kids killed to be haunting. Ethan Hawke is having a wonderful 2022 & his role here continued that trend. I really impressed with Mason Thames & Madeline McGraw. McGraw has acted before, but this is the first role I’ve seen her in & like her young male colleague, wise beyond their years. Funny too. Little girl has more mouth than Danny Aiello’s Sal from Do The Right Thing (just don’t be saying “nigger” like he did, cuz god damn). And they say Finny’s arm is mint? Gwen has a mouth that’ll even make IIiza Schlessinger cry.

    I need to read the book the film’s based on & even read on Derrickson’s childhood, because he went through some shit way back as a child.

    Anyway, really liked it, felt it was compelling from start to finish & liked y’alls review.

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