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PG 343: Rest In Power Queen

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Queen Elizabeth dying, House Of The Dragon, respect at work, Obi Won, She By Sheree, Karen eye check, Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul, Green Leaf, laptop repair, a photo scam, listener feedback and local news.


  1. fyahworks

    What’s happening fam?

    Hope all is well!

    Atlanta comes back tonight for the final season and I look forward to hearing the recaps of you Rod, bassey, and Karen’s laugh!

    Also Netflix is saying they are considering using a week to week model for shows like other streaming platforms do! We Netflix as a binge-able giant! But it has tend to back fire on them in recent years! What is your guys thoughts on Netflix possibly making that switch???

    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!

  2. RoninRaphael

    Rod’s story about the laptop repair shop took me back to 2006, I was in Lagos and my boy needed his cellphone repaired. There was this spot owned by a few Chinese people that did repairs of phones, laptops, etcetera, it was located in a different city but I was heading that way, and took my boys phone for fixing. The Chinese spot was quite famous back then as they were one of the first cellphone repair shops (cellphone became available to the public after 1999). I stood in a long ass line for what felt like an hour+ before finally getting into this building, felt like everyone in Lagos and probably Western Nigeria that needed a phone repair seemed to be there that day and I was covered in sweat. Finally make it into the building, I see quite a few Chinese nationals but only one Black guy at this long ass counter that could take up to 5-6 customers at a time. Only the Black dude spoke English, translated to a Chinese next to him and the Chinese shouted amount in ENGLISH! Then we haggle prices to a satisfactory amount and he says something to the Black dude, dude turns to me “your phone will be available for pickup on Tuesday, here’s your ticket “. Took me a while to recover from the shock, and then it became a joke amongst us. I hope that brother was being compensated appropriately but from the looks of it back then, he was just as skinny and in clothes that spelled suffering like me. I didn’t think that similar existed here.

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