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SMR 436: Creed III

Rod and Karen review “Creed III.” They also discuss movie trailers and your feedback on “Cocaine Bear.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    I just saw this movie and during the fighting scenes, all I could think about was how glad I was not to be in a 4K theater like Rod was, I am not ready for that life yet. My variant from another timeline is probably into feeling that entertainment. Big thank you for sharing your experience about that cause my boogie and too big ego might have decided to try it at the wrong time and gotten a rude awakening.

    Now, let me return to my training for Creed IV in my dreams. Killmonger and Kang goddamn! I was just making pew pew sounds while they boxed, I’ll get serious and train one day. Until then, I continue to dream about conquering universes. Shout-out to all the ASL actors!

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    FYI: The Rocky character is not dead. I believe he went to mend his relationship with his son. Having said that, I think his presence would have been a distraction. Rocky’s return IMO, would have diminished the importance of Wood Harris’ character.

    I loved this film, and absent doing a rewatch of all three films, i think i liked this one best because of the themes you mentioned in your review. I agree with the ranking of four and a half stars. Phylicia Rashad’s character’s death (maybe too much on the heels of Angela Bassett dying in Wakanda Forever —- speaking of which, I loved the rap during Adonis’ training montage that dropped the line about being from Wakanda), kept it from the five star. One other thing that sort of contributed to the half star loss was the lack of a real villain edit for Dame (although, based on the flashback scenes and the final seen between Adonis and Dame, that might have been on purpose — they wanted us to understand Dame as a hurt person, lashing out, and not some heartless monster. The tears in Majors eyes (he killed this role) when Adonis told him that what went wrong between them wasn’t on Dame either, right after Dame absolved Adonis because he was a kid was our takeaway — no real villain, just two kids who were victimized by the circumstances they were in.

    Once again, great review. Thanks for taking the time to do it with all you have going on.


    If Creed 3 ends up being the fitting end to Adonis Creed’s journey, it’s for the best. I liked this one a notch better than two and the relationships, stakes were as impactful as the original. Even Wood Harris’s Duke has more range than he ever had in the first two go-rounds. Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors brought their acting A-games here. I will say, as good as Majors was here, yes, his Dame needed to be treated like a diamond. He does good work here, he just needed the depth to match the legend. Tessa, to me, had some bars here. Probably better than the male leads to drive the narrative forward. When she told Adonis her way of dealing with guilt and pain doesn’t come easy. It’s where the movie is at its strongest with characters fighting and overcoming internal struggles.

    The fights are good and are better than what Steven Cagle Jr. did in the first sequel. The cinematography isn’t as strong as Creed 1 but the choices made in the ring offer more nuances. The fights that are odes to Anime are interesting, but I don’t know if I love them yet. Probably on a rewatch, I’ll appreciate Jordan’s craftsmanship here, I’m just not there yet, but I do appreciate the attempt because boxing movies are pretty formulaic due to the usual round-by-round setup.

    It’s a good movie with the usual Creed histrionics. The antagonist needed more depth and the directorial choices were interesting but I think for this to thrive in future films, ya gotta make the daughter the new legacy. Mila Davis-Kent is very good here and clearly has a devastating right hook. I wouldn’t mind Creed IV be helmed by a leading lady in the future.

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