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SMR 440: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Rod and Karen review the Nintendo powered “Super Mario Bros. Movie.” We also discuss AMC Stubs flexing, movie trailers and your feedback on John Wick.


  1. RoninRaphael

    It’s a me, a Ronin with that will take you to Africa depending on how much you pay.

    I took my kid with me to experience Mario and the movie theater for the first time. Behold, this kid was laughing and commenting a lot that I began to wonder if it was, the cinema, the kid’s chocolate smoothie and apple juice, or the movie? Maybe it was all of the above. We were seated by ourselves with the closest to us about 7 seats away and somehow, Lil Black girl over there and my daughter became friends as during the she ran to our table and said Hi to my kid who was too focused on the movie to notice. At the end of the movie, both kids Hi fived each other and I’m here both impressed and confused at the same time. What kind of mushrooms psychic communicating got them kids having a good time without disturbing the audience? Guess I got to stop allowing mine watch Star Wars.

    All that to say that we had a great time watching the movie Peaches. At the end my kid sat down comfortably and demanded for another movie to start. More work to be done on the Foundling!

    Oh by the way, my kid who got bazillion Barbies didn’t seem to be as excited when the trailer came on as she was for Miles Morales, the Kraken movie, and TMNT. She was like meh and I was like yes in head cause I didn’t plan on seeing that movie.


    Guess I’ll speak for my man, Chris Pratt. I know it’s perennially open season on “The Worst Chris” because of those stories about the church he attended or his family (mainly that story about his ex-wife, current wife and kid, regarding “health”). He did a very good job as Mario, in a film he was going to be fighting for second place, no matter what, because Jack Black is just that dude! For, at least two years, people were talking themselves out of NOT seeing this, due to him being the voice of a beloved character and he’s really good in it. Controversial opinion, I thought he was better than Charlie Day, who’s Luigi was the “damsel” here. Day was very good, but he could’ve been more fun, if he weren’t being chased or locked away for much of this. Pratt served the character well. We don’t deserve Jack Black’s energy or his time and dedication. His Bowser’s is both equally sinister and hilarious. My man was outchea sangin’ about Princess Peach like she were the greatest fruit in history. God, he was a blast. Most of the voice acting was stellar. Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach was fun. Same for Rogen’s Donkey Kong. Keegan Michael-Key’s Toad was dope.

    It’s difficult to be upset at a fairly minimalistic world such as the world of a franchise that has spanned damn near 40 years. Props to the directors, who piece mealed a story, albeit a simple one, and went from there. One of those men, Aaron Horvath, directed one of my favorite animated features of the last decade, Teen Titans Go To The Movies, so his stylings pay off here. The score from Brian Tyler is reminiscent of the earlier games. I’m also glad this was 90 minutes. I don’t think I could’ve two hours of this, so the rapid-fire story works to the movie’s benefit. The fact this film *only* cost $100 Million dollars, blows my mind. This thang could fuck around and make a billion. At the pace it’s on, I don’t think it’s far-fetched ($377M+ worldwide as of this post).

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