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SMR 447: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Rod and Karen review the newest entry in the Spider-Verse franchise, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” We also discuss movie trailers and your comments.



    Really dug this film, especially in its pivotal third-act, where things come to between Miguel vs Miles, especially in subtext of Miles being the “anomaly” who hasn’t been through their canonical suffering (i.e. infinite Uncle Ben’s dying). You get why Miguel is who he is, yet you get why Miles is where he is. Even his friends being overprotective of the legacy of The Spider Society. To be honest, it too awhile for the movie to connect with me, since, despite its glorious stylings, I needed things to slow down a tick and the third-act put into perspective what the movie is all about: The Weight it Takes to Be a Spider-Man in any universe. Even if one of them becomes one from random causality, courtesy of another dimension. It’s a very smart story, but it’s also one that offers a shit ton of wisdom. Even Gwen’s story has a ton of heft in it and I loved how her story grows juxtaposed to Miles. Considering we’re getting another one in ’24, it’s crazy impressive that so much story was crammed into the 136 minutes. That shit isn’t easy, especially in animation. Loved all the cameos and different Spider-People of all. It’s a glorious celebration and it has a ton of heart.

  2. RoninRaphael

    I am Raphael, I got bit by a radioactive spider and now I’m the Spider-Man in my dimension. The only Spider-Man to get bitten during his migration journey, hence his need to hustle.

    Maaaaaan I love this movie. Took the family to see it opening night and my kid asked to be dressed as Miles Morales, so she wore his costume from the 1st film and was dancing at the end. I was at one point thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have brought her for this, but that dancing she did and all the spidey poses on our way home along with the new requests for Idk how many spidey costumes, says she had a great time. Now, I need to get Kamala Khan, Shuri, and all the Spidey people costumes she requested. Now you understand why I be hustling the internet streets?

    As for me, I’ll just give the Oscar’s to the team behind this movie, what a splendid job they did. It felt like I wanted to touch what I was seeing. I would hate to be colorblind watching this movie. I wish I had known about the nothing after the credits before going to the theater, almost everyone sat down for nada . Across The Spiderverse movie was 5-Stars!

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