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SMR 448: 65

Rod and Karen review the science fiction movie “65.” We also discuss your comments for Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse.



    This was fine, if like Rod interpreted, this film not having much cohesion. This was a poor man’s A Quiet Place, fwiw, just without the human connection or the depth, really, which is nuts, because Scott Beck & Bryan Woods were responsible for A Quiet Place being what it is & this being their newest venture being so ordinary, was kind of shocking. I did like the technology & the world, even if the writing is lacking. Adam Driver, Chloe Coleman & Briana Greenblatt were fine with the given material. I do feel if they were given loftier material like something out of the Quiet Place franchise, 65 could’ve been more than just a matinee or folding laundry. Shit, this could’ve been a Dino Crisis adaptation and it would’ve been better. Not the worst movie I’ve seen this year (so far, that honor goes to the House Party remake). Certainly not the best, either. Shit’s about as right-down-the-middle as a plain chicken drumstick from Whole Foods.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Hear me out… Sony’s Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse just told Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe to suck their dick. As a huge MCU nerd, I’m super impressed by this movie. The last time I heard an audience reaction like this was when Captain America caught Thor’s hammer. My whole theater erupted at the end. The animation was phenomenal. Loved how the movie started out bright and then progressively got darker. HOW ABOUT PUTTING IN SOMEONE FROM EVERY SPIDERMAN MOVIE and Venom? BRUH. The nerd in me was hollering. Miles Morales, Brooklyn’s fucking own.

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