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SMR 450: Air

Rod does a solo review of the first biopic about a shoe, “Air.”

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    A solidly done movie that on the surface, shouldn’t have worked. A flick about Jordan’s patented Air Jordan seemed like a bad idea just like any bad Hollywood idea that exist. Thoroughly enjoyed Air, the making of the shoe and the actors in it, especially Chris Tucker, who was just game from scene one as Howard White. Viola Davis is just textbook Viola. I don’t know how else to call it. Just continues to be stellar at this thing called acting. I thought Matt Damon & Ben Affleck were mostly solid & Damon hitting the effective speech to MJ really hit. Glad we didn’t get Michael Jordan in this proper. It’s not necessarily about him, it’s about how the sausage is made in the shoe business. I didn’t know how bad Nike was suffering in the 80s and now look at them, making Converse its bitch and Adidas is irrelevant, at this point.

    I did wish we got more of a relationship of the Jordan family. Build that up and show how influential they were in MJ’s life to tell that part of the story effectively. There way too much licensed music and some of it feels out of place, despite the era being foretold here.

    It is effective, however. It’s very close to being a great film, but it’s very good and consistent in the parts that matter.

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