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PG 370: Fire Cross! Fire Cross! Fire Cross!

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss weddings, Canadian wildfires, Transformers movies, Karen gets a bonus, Rod’s tastes in hip hop, being on the Karen Hunter show, salmon BLT, making up food, Grand Knighthawk: Infiltrating the KKK, The Secrets of Hillsong, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, The Gray Area – After Black Lives Matter, Spellcaster: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried, Slow Burn Clarence Thomas listener feedback and local news.


  1. Mary

    Hi all, one of my favorite parts of pre-game is the documentary and podcast recommendations. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hillsong doc as I sort of/almost got sucked into that mega-church mess. First of all, I must admit I am 1000% the type of person who would join a cult. A super cute guy who’s the leader and a bunch of new friends – I’m in! Anyway, I got taken to church by what I know now is a recruiter. I’m not kidding, these people must get a kickback for how many people they take to church. Anyway, I went a few times, but my friend moved away so I stopped going. Well, a few years ago I was going through a hard time and decided to go back to church because I remembered how the music made me feel. Like during the worship part where everyone’s singing, I’d feel so emotional, and it felt like I was having a spiritual experience, and I really needed that comfort. Well, they touched on this in the documentary that Hillsong is known for their music. They really have some jams, even won Grammys. Well, later I found out that that worship music is purposely crafted to elicit an emotional response to the listener, and so, like most of the megachurch experience, there is a formula. There are certain chord progressions, leading to a crescendo, and then the arms thrown up, head tilted back that will make a person *feel* something. I read an article where a worship leader called it “emotionally manipulative.” Anyway, here I was thinking I was experiencing God – when all it was was a talented music director. Humph. Anyway, I am no longer a church-goer.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Salutations my fabulous trio, my brother Justin I got you. You’ll be in our newly launched executive first class for the Execs only (no peasants allowed). Pillows made straight from the most comfortable cushion in African leather worthy for a true king. Come on through Sir!

    I watched both the Hillsong and Happy People documentaries. Man, these grift and poison is everywhere. I grew up with lots of that “Balance Method” teaching around me. I didn’t know what it was called obviously but the language was bringing back memories and I was understanding why many of us were already cooked and backed in the indoctrination by age 18. I did free labor for a 50 thousand church auditorium in 1999 and same for a 6 thousand capacity in 1998. Family was proud I did that shit, but at the same time we heard stories of dark shit going on but the victims usually got kicked out.

    Anyways, unlike these church folks, I decided to use my hustle to bring brethren to Africa and feed them freedom!

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod, I’ve never had a filet o fish. In the 80s, NYC school lunch used to serve their version of filet o fish with cheese in it. I never understood that combo. Yuck

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