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PG 402: The Complexion For Protection

Rod, Justin, and Karen talk about work drama, bad coworkers, how racism works, Entergalactic, new Beyonce, Karen’s performance review, Karen leaving Rod during the colonoscopy, Brian Simpson: Live From the Mothership, Manhunt, Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, The Truth Vs Alex Jones, Future’s new album, the Inconsistent Podcast w/ Rob Haze (Tony Baker episode) and listener feedback.



    Greetings from Atlanta

    First and foremost I wrote in last week to say happy early birthday but I think I was too late, so I’ll say to my fellow Aries and April born buddy, Karen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was very enjoyable! But a bitter sweet day for me as I flew down to Atlanta from the big Apple for the funeral of my grandmother! She love a full love of 86 years and she was awesome! Worked for chase bank and then immigration at jfk airport before retiring to Atlanta. Fell sick last month and was ready to go on to glory. The most awesome thing was when my daughter was about to be born, she called it, that my daughter would be born on the same day as her, and that’s exactly what happened! Last year they met and it was an instant bond. My 2 favorite girls in real life. A bitter sweet moment for me!

    Rod again my condolences on the lost of your uncle!

    And I appreciate your kind words via dm and I appreciate you all for a quality show

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

  2. CheyenneKnew

    Good evening Karen, Rod and J Dot

    Glad to hear everybody is good! Justin, your patience is magnificent. Actually all three of yall are incredibly patient and considerate people and I thank you for letting us in weekly.

    Im really enjoying rap and Rod I want to thank you for putting me onto Jay Z. As a 27 year old i missed the blue print wave but now I hear his influences in everyone, from MF Doom to Jpegmafia

    In dissing the New Niggas Claiming to be the Best category – Tyler the Creator

    In the extended cut of – call me if you get lost: the estate sale (I feel so nerdy saying this), he drops Stuntman, calling out a few hypocrites in the game.

    Stuntman (ft Vince Staples)

    He takes a lot of shots but I think the meds line is about Schoolboy Q saying white kids can say nigga

    How you tell us that you’re real but you stay off the meds? (Lyin’)
    How you got no house keys but you show off Patek? (Woah, priorities)
    How you call that girl a ho but got ten baby mamas? (Hypocrite)
    How you claim you’re free thinkin’ but be preachin’ the Bible? (Yeah, right)
    ‘Cause all you pussy-ass niggas think you’re so damn hard (So damn hard)
    ‘Cause you got a big blower, nigga, you ain’t God (You ain’t God)
    Got the same old watch, y’all fuck the same old bitches (I’m pretentious)
    Y’all buy the same old cars, y’all take the same old pictures (Stupid, y’all niggas regular)
    Make the same old threats, tell the same old business
    See, y’all the gay ones, y’all do it to impress those niggas
    But I’ma mind my business like it’s explosives gettin’ tossed (Y’all niggas gay)
    ~Lyrics end~

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