Kareem Abdul Jabar – He was in Airplane and The Game of Death, two classic movies. His brooding thoughtful demeanor was largely attributed to him hating white people.  He was an awkward guy who had one of the best signature moves in NBA history. I can’t count how many games of horse have been ended with a “sky hook”. That move was so unstoppable that Jabar played until he was 65 years old. The allegations of his bad attitude have had him black balled from coaching after is playing days.
Tim Hardaway – he claimed he invented the cross over. I won’t lie, he was the first guys I saw that really gave this move a name and consistently looked to do it. Going back looking at his high lights it’s like watching ancient history now. Things have progressed that fast. Also he’s homophobic and so is most of the black community. He black!
Nick “The Quick” Van Exel – This dude had tremendous attitude. His jump shot was automatic and his handle was so fast that no one could stop him when he was on. The only problem was that Nick wasn’t always on but he would still put up just as many shot attempts either way. He held it down for bald headed head band wearing basketball players after Cliff Robinson gave up the look.
Latrell Sprewell – Sprewell used to be that dude you would use on NBA Live and make everyone say, “Who the hell is that?” Then he literally invented the spinning rims that denoted all drug dealers and athlete’s car for a good 8 years. He was the banner for the entitled black man. He choked his coach after the coach allegedly called him “boy” in front of everyone. I’m not saying he was right but his teammates didn’t look to broken up over PJ Carlisimo leaving the team shortly thereafter. Then his most famous line came after he was over his prime and Minnesota offered him a contract extension that his play did not warrant. The only reason they offered him so much money was to show Garnett that they were trying to build a winner around him. What happened? Latrell turned it down citing, “I got kids to feed”. He was never offered that amount of money again in his life. So black…
George “The Iceman” Gervin – Three words: The Iceman Poster. This iconic image became the signature collectable for a generation of basketball fans. Plus he gets credit for perfecting the finger roll. I don’t know how true that is but he does have the infamous, “One thing I could do was finger roooooll!” sound bite.
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