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185: Nerds Are Like Progressives

Rod and Karen are joined by Morgan P Campbell where the P stands for pimping and Rashanii to discuss liberal churches, marriage equality, morning people at work, not speaking at work, podcast happy place, horror movies, talking back to cops, planking, nerd rage, granny bacon, raping in broad daylight, Shaunie, sexy cafes, sheep sex, rent burning, cray cray in ventilation, exposing to a wedding, breast milk murder, helmet laws and sword robbery.

Intro: 60901 – TiRon
Outro: The Change – Noreaga

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  1. rod, if you would do me this favor, look into something called slender man and talk about it on your show. i saw entries 1-3 on youtube called marble hornets, which then made me very very very very very very VERY very terrified of trees

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