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Snacks On Snacks On Snacks

Tonight's dinner was baked whole wheat spaghetti and a seasoned baked chicken breast.

A better angle!

@SayDatAgain Grilled some chicken and sauteed veggies last week! It was good too.

From Jasmine: Mashed garlic red potatoes, sweet corn and beef tips (marinated/pan cooked in olive oil, cayenne pepper & fresh garlic)

Also from Jasmine: Gyoza (stuffed with ground turkey, ginger & cabbage) brown rice & steamed broccoli- topped with sesame seeds. (Soy sauce to be added later)

From the Inks @Getoffmyplanet and @Mr_InkInsideMe: Mr. Ink made last month top sirloin steak topped with blue cheese & butter side of steamed veggies.

From MontoyisK here's an omelet.

From Angelica: Shrimp and Feta Tabbouleh

Also from Angelica. Mmmm...

Also from Angelica. Mmmm...

From @ThisIsW: Homemade Pound Cake.

From @jessicalynnking: I made some steak (not on the grill, but inside because it was raining), sauteed zucchini with spinach and had a salad on the side with lettuce, tomato and a little italian dressing.

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  1. Karen—your grilled chicken looks hecka good!! Do you have an indoor or outdoor grill?

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