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Day: October 27, 2011

232: As Sexy As She WANTS To Be

Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Will to discuss sexual objectification, sad waitress, directing the MLK movie, microwave pockets, Styles P needs to move, women beat up in McDonald’s, Arkham City, 4 year old shot, Sonic ratchetness, 50 cents, groping a billboard, suicidal student, fire bombing Taco Bell, sword ratchetness, bus sex, ball buster and NYPD trades drugs for sex.

Say You Will – Kanye West
Control – Janet Jackson

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Live on Vokle! Warming up at 4:45 starting the show at 5-ish pm!

You know how we do. Come join the chat and all that stuff. Will and Justin will be here. Planning on going from zero to ratchet in light speed. Leego!