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281: A Rush To Judgement

Rod and Karen are joined by Reggie and Nicole to discuss Sherrysjoy, Joesph the simp, black privilege, books vs. movies, Project X,Spartacus, Pee mishap, Rush’s slut comments, Rush losing sponsors, Kirk Cameron is against gay marriage,nurse tries to kill hubby, Whitney and Jermaine, oldest wedding ever, cops using iPads, too much sex in the dorm room, 6 years dry, dine and dash on cops,sword stories and crazy goes off texting.

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Intro: Neon Night – Devon Elizabeth
Outro: Out of Here – Devon Elizabeth

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Reggie’s Play:

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  1. 2 Star Rod and 6 Star Karen, when being pulled over by cops for being black and fitting every possible description becomes a privilege let me know. I am one of your disgruntled listeners that started listening to the podcast while working out. 2 Star Rod as a black man you should know that in The Black Guy Who Tips Constitution (so what if it doesn’t exist) new listeners need to be warn of racthessness or they may be benchpressing 315lds when they suddenly start laughing with the weight in the air and no spotter. That Sir is cause for two stars, and now I Gabby sigh, (sigh) and say good day Sir and Ma’am.

  2. Congrats on the double sponsor. My question is what took adam and eve so long?

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