Today’s podcast is sponsored by the Audioplay “Road Trip.”  Underworld wetwork men Carl and Buster have to visit scary assed West Virginia for business and have to bring along Carl’s two teenage daughters.  Their hilarious adventures are a must hear.  Starring John Foutz, Director of Dirt Cheap Therapy, and Nathaniel J Brown.

In fact, for the next week we’re giving away this Audioplay for free.  Starting Friday night at 5pm, visit us at to find a link to download this hilarious comedy absolutely free and with no hassle.  You’ll notice there is a donate button on that page.  So if you enjoy “Road Trip” and want to come back to the page and donate what feels right to you, go for it!  If not, if you thought it sucked or you’re broke or whatever, it’s all good.  There’s no obligation.

Take advantage of this offer now to experience one of our best Audioplays ever!
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