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The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast Feedback Show Live At 10 AM EST (Music at 9:45 AM)

Come join Rod and Karen for an entire show dedicated solely to YOU … the fan! Who else is doing this on a Saturday morning when they could be in bed having sex? No one! Now come check us out and do tell a friend. See you in the chat room. Just hit the “join” button and we’ll chat it up with you as you ask questions. The call in number is 704-557-0186!

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  1. Miss Krysable

    03/15/2012 at 4:46 PM

    Hey you guys while listening to the downloaded version of this feedback show I heard this fake, wanna-be Michelle Baachman, stay at home mom, sister-wife, Wisconsin cheddar cheese lover, and as soon as I got deep in my mean stank lookingness as if to say this chick aint even cool enough to listen to #TBGWT, I realized that was me! I swear I sound blacker in real life!!! IDK maybe I was nervous (Gabby sigh).
    On the bright side I got a compliment and a diss in the same breath from the famous Chill from Miami! Lord I can come home now my work here is done.

    I can’t think of any more witty things to type because I feel a case of dick induced narcolepsy coming on…(*nodding*)
    KAREN! Now I understand your everlasting thirst for napping…Up Top Rod, you know exactly what to do to get your gaming time in!

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