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326: Motherf#ckery

Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Deirdre of the Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast to discuss Karen’s random thoughts on Golden Corral, lightning bugs, Pizza douche, Fathead commercial, McDonald’s drive thru, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Ice Age, undecided voters, mad Cleveland weather man, Lebotard Rant, sexist dumper, drunk spitter, KKK seriff, 10 year old needs pedo’d, drunk driver, Sondance the clown, vengeance on gropers, weed deposit and D Wade’s ex wife arrested.

Intro: Go – Common
Outro: Adrenaline! – The Roots

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  1. Saysmyderbywife

    06/27/2012 at 10:44 AM

    Couple things…
    First, the show is fucking amazing, and I ain't even done with it yet! Had to stop to do some damn studying, can't just be in this room rolling with tears in my eyes, they kick me out the damn library!

    You can't just get an annulment because your new husband is fucking the waitress. This happened in Austria, where I don't even think they do annulments anymore (my parents got married in Germany), but even here in the states, you can only get an annulment if you were induced into marriage through fraud. Once you say them magic words and sign that paper, YOU STUCK BITCHES!

    Personally, I support Abe Lincoln being a total badass, and Obama being a Vampire. I want them people down here in South Carolina to know that he's your worst fucking nightmare, you racists pieces of shit. And he won't die! He'll be around forever, haunting your white dreams, taking all yo shit! Eventually he's gonna turn Tiger Woods, and then he'll be going all True Blood on your daughters, bitches!

    On a separate note, what kind of undead creature is Chris Bosh, a vampire-raptor?


    Summer of Bron ya'll!

  2. blackbrolly

    06/26/2012 at 8:35 AM

    Ya'll nigga needs a works cited on these ratchet ass video you air on the show. I'm crying over here

  3. YOLO the Jew

    06/25/2012 at 12:30 PM

    Aw, it's that hatin ass nigga from Where's My 40 Acres! I'm out!

  4. and yeah i cut off that video… not on my watch player. Nah but seriously, find more of that shit. That montage was powerful. #WePutOurOilOnWomen

  5. Nah McDonald's don't care about how fast you get served with those double lines, they do that for 2 reasons. First it keeps traffic off the street so in morning you don't have cars all the way out into the street during those peak lunch hours. Second it gives the appearance that the line is shorter than it actually is. Which makes sense because I've passed up places because the line looked.

    As far as the confusion goes they are supposed to have camera's at the menus that takes the picture of your car and that's how the cashier knows what your order is.

    I love the Lincoln vampire hunter concept for the simple fact that not only did the south lose we are now inserting folk lore into their failure.

    and fuck undecided voters, later ya'll.

  6. MrAlladatshyt

    06/25/2012 at 8:35 AM

    Too many laffs! One of the best shows yet!

  7. Do that hip hop Jeopardy, and have the final question be an actual question from Jeopardy. Freeze frame all the confused faces and roll the credits. Congrats on the success with stitcher!

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