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351: The 4 P’s of Conflict Resolution

Rod and Karen are joined by Jacquetta and Katie from the Hey You Know It Podcast to discuss happy b-day to Bomani, Karen’s driving, Masculist, shady cafe workers, lizard investigation, wearing a condom, 4p’s of resolving conflict, RNC protestors, P*ssy Riot, Lance Armstrong, Reading Rainbow w/ DMX, Mark Sandford is engaged, Randy Travis, city council sexual harassment, beauty school lawsuit, sword ratchetness, loud sex, Family Highs, truck driving dp, grabby on the plane and sexting fight.

Intro: I couldn’t Keep It To My Self – Tony Tone Toni
Outro: Colours – Julian Malone

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  1. Miss Krysable

    08/31/2012 at 7:28 AM

    I love myself some Katie and Jacquetta! I gotta get back up to speed with their show, been slacking…I hope talking with you guys will inspire the ladies to get up to speed with the ratchet reality TV shows, it's good therapy.

    OHHHHHHH!! I caught my own tank!!!! I had left some feedback about how "Honey Booboo" was on Logo and how gay people were making fun of straight parents. NO it's not on Logo, it's on TLC the people who reality tv-asized the Palins. Logo TV has "Eden's World" another show about some blond-headed cheese doodle, wize cracking, pageant tot.

    But OMGoodness Rodren, I finally caught a glimpse of the real Honey Booboo, child please. I felt guilt all over my body like how I felt when I first saw "Being Bobby Brown". Then I felt a weird combination of guilt and disgust watching the mom slide down that water slide to the point to where my head wanted to explode. I really didn't know what to do, laugh, cry, smh, become and anorexic, shame the worker who put her on that tiny inner tube and bust out laughing cuz that was his story for the day, feel bad for him cuz I know that wasn't his only deluxe heavy duty passenger for the day, week, summer.

    Overall the result of my "Honey Boo Boo" watching experience was silence. My body was literally conflicted on how to react even writing this my body still hasn't come to a finally conclusion on how to react and my head is now hurting and my vision is becoming blurry.

    Thanks a lot Rodren <_<


    Miss Krysable

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