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409: Bitch Bad


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Rod and Karen are joined by Johanna to discuss her life in Chicago, working in food service, a threat against Rod, going to a comedy show, the chiropractor, the DMV, football work analogies, work meetings, vibrators threatening relationships, stomach pump diet, cleaning the bathroom punishment, games blamed for gun violence, teacher sexes student, weapon training CEO wants to keep his guns, dad pretends to be school shooter, dude smothers his girlfriend, dude punches a woman driver and BFF for wife.

Intro: Bitch Bad – Lupe Fiasco
Outro: Bitches and Sisters – Jay-Z

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  1. The black guy who tips!!! Love you man!!!

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  2. Quote of the year 2hrs 12mins in re: the vibrator

    “vroom vroom plug it up, start the lawn mower lets get it to fucking going, because we both need to cum”

    Karen FTW!

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  3. Johanna really solidified herself as awesome in my book. Starting first wit her sayin “bulletball extreme!”, I love when the guests jump in n say that!! Then shes just an all around funny n really nice/sweet person. (and she recognizes the amazing ball of awesome skillz that is miss Alexa Yeames) karen really did it for me this episode!from her love of her massager person to “bag-o-dicks”she had me ROLLIN!! Kudos ma’am. Also about that supposed PS4 controller: chances r its fake cuz I think I saw a supposed PS3 controller shaped like that too, BUT(pause for emphasis) I didn’t think nintendo would make their new controller a mini tablet(size wise) either so I mean “eh”…and last thing: I didn’t comment on that feedback show yesterday jus cuz its clear many of em were jus butthurt Elon aint have da time 4 dey ass. The rest were jus “bandwagonit” n cryin “listen to me!!”. Dey like the crazy ex-girlfriend that calls at 1 AM goin off n sayin I’ll kill myself if u don’t “blank”. Been there, done that, im jus not answerin. So fuckem. Fuckem good. Fuckem long. Pretty much fuck em all!

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