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431: Papa John’s Foodie Call


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Rod and Karen discuss Verizon, Low T, gas prices, TV shows that are too white, NBA flex schedule, Spartacus, pizza man stalker, Beanie back in jail, Adam Carolla talks race, woman tries to be a kicker, making it rain tax write off, squirrel soup, hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts, mailing a knife, sword ratchetness, Oprah’s tig ols, perfume fire, patty eating bus driver, bartender fired, robbing the disabled and the mayor gets ejected from a high school wrestling match.

Intro: Insomnia – Big K.R.I.T.
Outro: Got This Money – Childish Gambino

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  1. God bless you Karen for mixing up Droid with Drones. I'm laughing with you on this only because I didn't realise the mistake until Rod pointed it out afterwards.

    Great show guys! To 2nd what Shane Paul Neil said in his HuffPost article, Thank you for letting me into your conversations.

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  2. I have already reached the point that I have decided to carpool and catch the bus. A few sents matter for me. I don't have enough money to pay the bills that I have now because my hours were cut back. BTW, Karen, how's the braces coming along. I just got my braces off for the month in order to go to the dentist.

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  3. Miss Krysable

    03/09/2013 at 4:53 AM

    Omgoodness Rodren! I thought I was the only one yawning about that whole drone situation. white progressives especially get on my nerves for 2 reasons: 1 govt officials harass and kill US citizens on US turf without having To go through a trial all the time as a procedural thing like stop and frisk. 2 while the concept of world peace is dandy..that's not a reality and will never be a reality. folks who complain about drones will never serve in the armed forces so they can't appreciate the more controlled and measured and safer means to fighting opposing forces. So eff them kiss my big brown booty *b boy stance*


    Miss Krysable

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