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433: Unlimited Touch And Text


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Rod and Karen are joined by Cerrome Russell to discuss life as a comic, Chris Brown, getting new tech, nerd offs, dogs, Fallon Fox, landlord sexes dog, AZ couple accused of child porn, teacher sexts sutdents, barbie collecting man, dog eats baby, sword ratchetness, angry black woman, vagina gun, the last piece of chicken, American White History Month, sword chase, sperm theft, lunk, hole in the pants, sneaking back into jail and the fresh perv of Belair.

Intro: Love – Mos Def
Outro: Peaches – Outkast

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  1. Can we please just give white people a "White History Month" so the whole world can let those who pretend to care so much know, WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!

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  2. Great show as always. Few things to touch on:

    1. As a veteran of working retail, if the cashier asks you about the company's bonus cards, credit cards, etc., it's mostly because they running a promotion to get sales/numbers up. When I worked at Home Depot, we had to offer the credit card whenever the customer had a large sale, blah blah blah. Yes, I know it's annoying to the customer but the company is looking for that extra dollar for you to spend.

    2. Vagina Gum — Just no.

    3. Doesn't American White History Month occurs March 1st – Jan 31?

    Enjoy the remainder of the week. Coon Coalition OUT!

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  3. Official Scientist

    03/11/2013 at 5:32 PM

    umm I'd just like to say… if the buttocks is the caboose, then the vagina is the dining car… #SouthernCuisine

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