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440: The McWesley Pipes


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Rod and Karen discuss Rod getting laid off on his day off (Again), AskRodP, last words in horror video games, Gizmo children, Kanye’s new album, D’Jackie Robinson Unchained, Jay-Z Trailer Music, bacon condom, crazy prom invite, Lululemon recall, Kim K, dogs kill a baby, professional sleeper wanted, Zimmerman’s brother still talking, frat barbeque, Rick Ross rape line, sword joke, Candy Rain remix, thieves falling through the ceiling, parent threatens the school, McGangBang, rapper sacrifices friend, homeless thief, abusing special needs and semen breath mints.

Intro: Sweet – Jay-Z
Outro: So Ambitious – Jay-Z

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  1. After hearing the show I felt much better for you guys, Rod and Karen. But despite the loss, you guys are still smiling through it. I lost a job I had for over 11 years in November of 2011. To make matters worse, I was expecting my second child so that added to my anxiety. I was lucky enough to get severance and get a temporary job (that eventually I was hired on full time for) shortly after my layoff and things worked out well. I’m praying that things will work out fine for you guys. In the meantime, keep up the great work with TBGWT, the best podcast running!

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  2. Chris Doyle aka Chris from Hawaii

    03/30/2013 at 1:32 PM

    Not to be cliche’ish (is that a word?”), but this might be the catalyst for the show really taking off. Don’t doubt you’re going to put in the work to take it to a whole ‘nother level. Upwards and onwards bruther!

    As for the show, I was tripping on Rod’s life coach inputs and Tippy award winning 10 Star Karen’s reactions! I forget sometimes what a smart-ass Rod can be because his quips come so fast and furious at times that I have to rewind the show to catch them. Also, he uses his acting skills to play it straight so if you aren’t really paying attention you miss the fact he’s mocking someone.

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  3. Rod, you and Bomani are singlehandedly keeping the unemployment rate high. I joke to mask the pain, because I too got laid off this past week. Obama’s economy, what can you do? I found it interesting that you started the podcast during the last time you got laid off, because I started listening to this podcast around the time I got laid off last. Seems like our recent job experiences are weirdly synchronized. Knowing that there are people out there with shared experiences helps with the tough times. I guess I’m trying to say…stop getting fired so I can keep a job, nigga!

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  4. Really hate to hear about you being laid off Rod, b/c I know firsthand the uncertainty that comes when you lose your job even though you hated showing up everyday. Nonetheless, this was probably one of my most favorite and inspirational shows. I was highly encouraged by your outlook on losing your job. You have a passion and a skill and those to things will suit you and the show very well. I was also overwhelmed by how perfectly supportive Karen was about your job loss. Her outlook and support was positive, yet not pity, and she wasn’t panicking or overreactive while still being empathetic. For me it was as beautiful display of love and what I hope that my love will be like with the woman I marry. So I end by saying that you guys will come out the better on the back end and I’m going to be here as a fan the whole way through! Peace out guys

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  5. Mike in London

    03/29/2013 at 6:42 AM

    Yeah, hope you guys are OK, I haven’t heard the episode yet

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  6. 2fish Terror-lyn

    03/28/2013 at 9:52 PM

    Man. Havent heard the show yet, but seen the buzz on Facebook. I figure now is a better time then ever to add that reoccuring donation. I think I listen to your show more then I watch netflix and that’s $8 a month. So Im justifying it. Blam!!! Keep your head up and the good work on the podcast.

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