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So in addition to doing this kick ass podcast that was featured on the Huffington Post. We also make guest appearances. Wait. Did I mention that we were on the Huffington Post? You should totally go there and leave a comment if you haven’t already. Here’s the link:

Black Podcasts Bring the Barbershop to the Internet

So about those guest spots. We were everywhere. As always these shows can be found on whatever podcast app you use by searching the names of the shows.

We were both on Scarcasm Live Ep 214: Casual Conversation – Tanking

And we were on Geeks Gone Raw: Alive in Woodbury 016 – Morgan. We talked about the Walking Dead.

Rod was on the Fiyastarter.com Podcast 78: Respect the Shooter

Karen was on The Insanity Check Podcast 386: I Don’t Work Here

Rod was on The Insanity Check Podcast 387: Savages

And Rod was on The Evening Jones with Bomani Jones 3/4/13 Episode