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456: The Good Thing About Terrorism


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Rod and Karen are joined by Shirley to discuss Asian stereotypes in America, anger from not eating, the good thing about terrorism, brain trauma in media, apologizing to the Jews, anorexic models, sorority letter, pinned to death in bowling alley, online drug overdose, starving son to death, sex with dogs, murder for hire by granny, novelty t-shirt arrest, attacking for sex, mother of the years and sword propaganda.

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  1. Man, I about died when Shirley cracked that joke about Fantasia when you guys were talking about that synthetic drug them kids bought online. I was walking around in NYC with headphones on and to people around me in the park it must have looked like I was a crazy person. And when Karen asked her if people asked if she knew Kung-Fu, the look on Rod’s had to be priceless, I’m a little mad at myself for missing it live.

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