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461: Oh, Florida


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Rod and Karen discuss burgers, Pain and Gain, movie trailers, the Peeples, chick fila mammy, Boston Marathon bomber’s accomplices, Anthony Foxx declares a day of reason, bicardi commercial, Florida schools acting up, Plan B for every age, Florida death penalty speeding up, woman scientist poisons orange juice, woman hides a body for son, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Florida man dials 911 80 times, Burglar masturbates and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dear Rod and Karen

    I love your show first off, and I spend many hours at the gym listening to your show. With that out of the way I had to comment on this episode mostly because I live in Florida, well south Florida or north Cuba to be exact, Also I am a correctional officer with The Florida Department Of Corrections, and I wanted to give the CO’s point of view about speeding up our states executions. I totally agree with you that the state should not speed up the death row process, mostly because our state is full of fucking idiots. With that said I do believe in the death penalty, as long as the conviction came from solid evidence. As for the private prison system they really do not care two shits about death row, because they are allowed to pick which inmates they can accept. With this great privilege they can pick the less violent inmates and leave the crazy motherfuckers for the state CO’s to deal with. In just one weeks my institution has had 14 staff battery instances and 8 of those inmates were butt ass naked and fucked up on bath salts. Anyways I love your show and Karen your fucking great oh yea, Rod your cool too.

    from C.O 1

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