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539: Kill The Kiss Cam


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Rod and Karen are joined by Amber P of the Black Sexy Geeky and Mental Podcast to discuss Amber’s trip to the sex club, #DemThrones, marriage, all holes, putting up a TV wall mount, Google Calendar, TV shows, Burger King fry burger, pictures of your food, kill the kiss cam, Lebron’s mom, journalist forced to give up sources, Kim Jong-Un, N-word at work, crack pipe in stomach, pot found by police, crack pipe smoking and sword ratchetness.

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And they’re on Twitter: @adamandeve

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  1. P.AndreJoseph

    09/07/2013 at 9:15 AM

    Fantastic show! Thanks for the food picture tips. I’ve seen so many struggle plates on FB and Instagram. Some from me admittedly. I shared a few articles with some friends, hopefully to create a change. I appreciate the shootout from Amber. I enjoy creating a meal and the praise from it.


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