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540: Frienemies

frienemies 2

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Rod and Karen are joined by Owen and Chill of the Taste Like Fried Chicken Podcast to discuss the G and A show dissing TBGWT, Castro killing himself, nutcracker fish, large cat in Detroit, Sheryl Underwood apologizing, sexting scandal, puppy beheading, closing the loop, ATV child endangerment and sword ratchetness.

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  1. KungFuTreachery

    Hey, Andrea, what part part of Louisiana you from? I’m from Shreveport, LA. Good to know there are other people in this state with good taste in podcasting. 

    Oh, and coming off of Dem Hot Fiyastarter boys, let the cult of #TBGWT know about these Waffle Tenders one mo ‘gain. I heard a motherfucker say they taste like regular tenders. Fuck no! BLASPHEMY!!

    No, Miles, I noticed the difference in Chill’s voice, too.

    Oh, and FUCK anybody who talking shit about Karen, or Rod’s voice. The shit is annoying, keep it to yourselves. I’m sick of hearing that shit. I bet they hate the sound of their own voices. Taking a page from Mr. Moody, maybe more of us should at least TRY to make a podcast, just to see what all goes into it. It’s so much easier to talk shit than to try and actually give a fuck about the product that you’re putting out.

    Fuck all these haters and under-achievers.

    Aight niggas….

    • Andrea

      Thanks! I live about 2 hrs north of New Orleans in Lafayette, LA

  2. HC

    Chill is a national treasure. For the second time in two appearances, she’s started off talking about midget porn…my brain even subconsciously started playing Trick Daddy because it expects to hear that track if Chill’s voice is referencing midget strap on porn.

  3. Miles Long (Official Que-Dawg of the show)

    First giving honor to Rod who is the head of my life. I would also like to give a warm “hello” to Miss Karen. While listening to this episode I just kept finding myself saying “wait Greg Hurd was talking shit?” I was so confused because when you have that nigga on the show he be boring as shit! I mean I would rather watch and listen to my pubic hair grow that listen to that nigga talk. (Side note: I have no idea how you can listen to pubic hair grow? But you get what a nigga is going for)

    Anyway and then I heard you say Abe’s old I sound like a nigga that just needs to go ahead and get a sex change so the body matches the voice ass was talking shit too! Nigga I was mad as shit because I remember him on the show sounding so happy to be there that he would’ve sucked you off if he was anywhere near Charlotte.

    I didn’t realize until this episode how much I really love and care about not only this podcast but 2 people that I will most likely never meet in life. This show is something I looked forward to for close to the past 3 years. All you guys success is due yo your hard work and the commitment you have to your craft. The stuff that these so called “fans” had to say was just textbook hating/trolling.

    Anyway just wanted to let you guys know that you have a fan in St. Louis that will ride on some fools over his TBGWT! So in closing I would just like to say I love the show and beg that Rod as my cult leader STOP having sex with my wife and unchain me from the hot water tank in your basement.

    P.S. was it just me or did Chill’s voice sound different on the actual podcast as opposed to when she leaves a voicemail during the week?

  4. Andrea

    I haven’t even gotten to this episode yet but I just wanted to drop in and show some love. Karen, I love you and your voice. Rod, if this is a cult then I am a proud member of the IllumaRodi lol…keep the good stuff coming Based Rod and Based Karen.

    -Andrea in Louisiana

  5. O4Soldier

    Rod and Karen, I just dont get it.. I listened to the G & A show segment to get their side of things.. and their arguments were weak and flawed at best.. They claimed they weren’t trying to defend the racist dude bros.. But they came off as Racist apologist when they defended them.. They claim you were ‘Shooting at ants’ , but what would they do if some aholes starts insulting their wives in front of them??

    Would they ignore it, because you would look like a bitch ass coward in front of lady..

    Abe had the most annoying effeminate voice on the show and it was soo ironic to have say he’s done listening to the show because of Karen voice. With a voice like that he better hope he never goes to prison.. because he one step away from wearing a wig and being someone’s bitch..

    I didn’t understand that one guy calling you a cult leader Rod, A cult leader wouldve sent his weak minded minions after his enemies. . Much like Bill O Reilly or Sean Hannity on Fox news send their crazy nutjob audiences to murder abortion Doctors or to blow up planned parenthood clinics..

    But be glad Rod and Karen, at least you found out these guys true motives.. Because those are worst type of friends to ever be associated with..

    “People who smile in your face, all the while they wanna take your place. . Backstabbers” The Ojays..

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