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2900: But God!!!

Rod and Karen discuss Katt Williams, Method bodycare products and seeing a snake. Then they discuss OVO store in London getting vandalized, Drake’s security guard shot, Kendrick break Spotify streaming record with “Not Like Us,” Metro Booming has old tweets exposed, Russell Simmons has Drake’s back, Diddy posts IG about his trials and tribulations, Donald Trump has a trial postponed indefinitely, Trump found in contempt of court again, Columbia University changes to smaller commencement ceremonies, New Ho King gets the Kendrick bump, principal framed in racism scandal by AI, NYC government workers of color paid less than white coworkers, pink dildo assault, Church’s Chicken assault, pastor saved by gun jamming and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ApiafromGermany

    I would also give the worst rating to the guy who framed the principal for racism with AI.
    He just gave all future racists a great excuse.
    “it wasnt me, it was AI”
    And I looked up how they both look, the principal looks suspicious
    ( going by looks only, he seems extremely white also on the inside) and the former athletic director looks like a cool guy.
    Hearing about it for the first time I would absolutely believe the principal was guilty.

  2. EvieE

    2024 indeed seems to be the year of chickens coming to roost. These recaps this week have been so entertaining.

  3. himdeel

    On behalf of my client known here as C.R. Snakelsamusen, I must ask that you, Mr. Morrow remove all mentions, photos, videos, posts, and/or threads, whereby Mr. Morrow disclosed my clients location, genus, and species to individuals/entities on Al Gore’s internet. My clients was minding her own business sunning on a leisurely day and did not expect that peace to be disrupted by Mr. Morrow who’s photos and posts left my client in deep distress. My client CRS would request compensation of Mr. Morrow in the figure of twelve white mice, three brown mice, and one Northern Cricket Frog. We expect an expeditious an immediate response within 5 to 7 business days.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    I don’t have a lot to say but I just wanted to say “thank you” for your continued Kendrick v Drake coverage.

    • Shoebootie

      Same!!! I’m having a great time with this. The real rap beef was the friends we made along the way.

  5. R_tick_chick

    I want to try leaving comments more often, because I’m tired of saying my thoughts aloud to myself like I can hear y’all!
    Regarding the principal who was framed: is it morally wrong that I would like y’all to add that sound bite of “I’m gonna drag his black ass out of here…” to the rotation? I know it’s wrong, but the statement would be useful in so many instances.

    On the NYC underpaid workers: is there any real legislation to protect POC and other marginalized people or are we still working on the honor system? If companies and government agencies get any kind of incentives for “diversity” hires, they should be forced to keep the pay fair. Of course, even these protections are in danger with conservative politicians running amok.

    Also, I had so much fun listening to the updates of the Kendrick/Drake beef. I stopped listening to Drake’s responses bc I knew I could get the cliff’s notes from TBGWT. Thanks!

    Lastly, I always wondered this but I’m not on Spotify often: do y’all have a playlist of all the jingles for the show segments? They really are some bops that stick in my head.
    As always, love the show and the premium plan is a worthwhile investment every year. ❤️

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