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2899: The Drakedown

Despite a listener requesting us to stop we decided to only talk about Kendrick vs Drake AGAIN! Go listen to something else if you hate this. Bye!

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  1. chubbzero

    Rod, I’m a soon to be 54 yr old black man. I can remember rap beef from the eighties such as all the Roxannes and the m.c. shan versus bdp, Tupac v. Big and jay and nas. But I would have to say this Kendrick-drake beef may possibly go down as the best ever! Your breakdowns of all the songs have been stellar! They have been better than all the other podcasts. I would know cause I tried to listen to all of them. The only one that was remotely close to yours was Joe Budden. I never listen to their podcast but he had a 4 hr show where he broke down all the songs and I fucked around and listened to every second of that! I gotta say I do like some of drake’s music but he was just over his head fucking with dot tho. The way Kendrick dropped those songs last week people are going to remember where they were when they first heard them! I know I will. Alright yall have a good day! And to bbl drizzy… “we don’t wanna hear you say nigga no mooooo!”

  2. ApiafromGermany

    How good that it’s documented here that I never liked Drake’s music.

  3. EvieE

    That last rap from Aubrey kind of reminds me of Nicki’s Bigfoot where at the end they both talk because both know they got wiped and it’s no longer fun for them so they’re taking their ball and going home. I’m sure he will be fine when all is said and done but there’s a huge dent in that armor now.

  4. EvieE

    I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want you to cover one of the biggest black cultural moments since the fade in the water. I’m having a great time with all the music coming from this and the tik toks. I haven’t seen anyone take as many L’s in so many different ways than Aubrey has. That metro BBL Drizzy beat is everywhere, I’ve never seen a disstrumental before. I’ve seen people do interpretive dances to it, all kinds of instruments, in different languages and music styles and even big brand names are using that beat to advertise. Even the Duolingo account was twerking to it. Someone needs to go check on that man because he can’t be well right now.

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I am so glad Roderick Morrow is doing the lordt’s work recapping the 2024 Rap Beef/Battle.

  6. IamSashaPierce

    Can’t believe someone thought you should stop covering the biggest pop culture and Black culture news happening right now. I personally have been waiting for YEARS for someone to say the unspoken truth about Drake. My problem has never really been his music. I’ve enjoyed a lot of it, but my issue has been how he just seems to move funny. “Some stuff is just cringeworthy” as K dot said. And often it feels like he doesn’t respect us or the culture. It’s been icing on the cake that Kendrick was the one to take him down since he happens to be my favorite rapper (other than Beyonce lol). Drake is getting his comeuppance, especially since he has been sneak dissing and sniping Kendrick for years. But also according to Marcellus Wiley, Drake came on his show back in 2014 and was explicitly talking trash about Kendrick all the way back then. ESPN got it pulled because Drake was hosting the Espy’s that year.

    Rod & Karen – I’m not sure if you can play it on the show, but for those interested, see the link below from 12:09 to about 14:10.


    So this man comes at one of the most lethal lyricists over and over for god knows how long, and expects to not get bodied?? The hubris!

    And anyone who is surprised by the savagery of Meet the Grahams must have either not listened to or forgotten XXX, Untitled 5 (which is dark as hell), and other songs from Kendrick’s catalog where he has already shown us that he’s crazy and willing to go there if you test him.

    Ugh, this has been so good!

  7. ThePinkSuperhero

    Count me as part of the “old ass” audience that is eating up the Kendrick/Drake content! Can’t wait for my child to try and explain it to me when I can reveal I already know!

    • brooklynshoebabe

      Amen. I’m loving all of this.

  8. mizzbarnes

    We needed our Rap Correspondent/Rap Scientist Rodimus Prime to help us understand these Rap Beef Streets! Thank you for this breakdown for us listeners.

  9. Shoebootie

    SMH, can’t believe the man who dropped bars like this can’t turn things around for himself yet. C’mon now, Jimmy! https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTLXkffHp/

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