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811: Dr. Strange Love


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Rod and Karen are joined by N’Jaila of to discuss working as a cam girl, Gamergate, Dr. Strange, Snow Biden, Beards, Octomom owes the IRS, ambulance leaves a corpse, Sayreville coaches suspended, Danielle Watts is charged, Kenny G, killer clowns, Anthony Weiner, J Law breaks up with boyfriend, Ramsey Orta, Dear white film critic, a stranger in the bed, foot fetish cop, man says Obama threatened him and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chiming in late just to say that I would think Viggo Mortensen or maybe even Pedro Pascal (freaky prince Oberyn Martell in Game or Thrones) would make a good Dr. Strange. But whatever , I’m going to trust Marvel with their casting choices. 🙂

  2. Great show Rod and Karen. I did not know if you guys had seen this article yet but it seems some #gamergaters have just outed themselves. Ooohhh this is not gonna work well for them.

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