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812: Tainted Meat


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Rod and Karen are joined by Mike Felder of The Bleacher Report and Justin to discuss cooking at home, #DeyWalking, returning food, Mama June, Jesus was wrong about money, Mase parties, teens leave to go to ISIS, students can have guns for year book photos, KFC, protistution in HS, Ashley Greene, White house jumper, fat girl costumes, evolution okay with the pope, Street Harassment, Newsroom racism, Barkley comments on black people and a substitute teacher gets with a student on her first day.

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  1. Kyle

    The best part of that Charles Barkley clip is when he plugged his new book. I mean, don’t people remember the weight watchers incident? He said that their product was a scam and he only hooked up with them for the money. I doubt he believes in any of the shit he just said.

    Also, we live in a country that prizes athletic ability over smarts. A great example of this is Chris Bosh. Dude was smart as hell in school, and even decided to write an article about the importance of coding for Wired Magazine. Nobody gives a fuck about any of that. Including the people agreeing with Barkley.

    Oh, and shout out to Karen and Justin for trolling Rod when he was reading the comments about the high school prostitute.

  2. PrinceLeron

    Not being petty but this is why chose black women in the poll last week. A lot of black dudes that I thought were sensible turned into typical twitter niggas. And it are dudes that I know don’t do this type of shit. The most frustrating part is that don’t really have honest discussion. The honest discussion has to start with acknowledging that those guys were not just saying hello. But then they would comment on how tight her clothes were. If they were not trying to holla then why would her attractiveness matter? I usually would quit this conversation on social media but I grew up with dudes. And I thought of a brilliant point that Rod once made. All of those guys have never even had female friends that they were not trying to fuck. They use to rag on me because I had a core group of female friends and never even thought of pursing any to them. I’ve decided that I’m going to be petty and antagonize them next time they discuss something that they consider serious.

  3. Mumbles

    Rod, I think you hit on what bothered me so much about Charles Barkley’s idiotic comments.

    Come on, we live in the Obama Presidency. Black people literally took to the streets and held spontaneous parades back when he won the election in ’08. How did America get back to talking about how we black people hate intelligence or success?

  4. Anonymous

    I’m taking Palin’s side on this. I don’t like her, but I’m more inclined to believe the woman who says that she was harassed. Too many ppl get away with that shit because ppl just assume the victim is lying.

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