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Rod and Karen discuss Black Panther, Veteran parking spaces, Street Harassment, Parenting for the internet, Benzino and Althea get kicked off LHHATL, Quarantine skipping nurse, porn star gets sexually assaulted, Darrien Hunt, wifi prank causes plane delay, novel about vibrator replacing men, Laura Ingram on the black community, N-word teacher, jacking janitor, cheer leader coach affair with student, sex toy thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Quantum Medic

    I want address the powerlessness of our men. We aren’t helpless in the face of street harassment. We can ridicule these dumb asses. As a group we can face these muthafuckas head on. Years ago. I was part of a very progressivegroup. Some riff raff cat called one our sisters. Seconds later, the drug dealers look down the barrel of a shotgun and nine mm. We backed them down. None our women we harassed after that. I came up around Nation of Islam, ex-Panthers, who had no tolerance for that bull shit.

  2. Quantum Medic

    I love Marvel. I can think of all the act a fool moments in my life where I get to be really smug towards the White Man. I’m going full Nucka mode.(nigga mutha fuka). I’ll be so Magic Johnson theater by Greenbriar Mall in ATL. This will payback for the shade we got during 12 years a slave. White folks were giddy in that theater. This is Wakanda!

  3. Anonymous

    Man the street harassment subject always gets me boiling niggas really don’t get it. I been wit my wife for 4 years now been around her everyday for last 10 and it’s not 1 day not fucking 1 day she doesn’t have a story about some nigga telling her she is beautiful or tryna “compliment” her. It’s funny bc of these past 10 years iv never seen any of these “compliments” given when I am with her. I mean if all ur doin is being nice trying to give a compliment go ahead and tell her how beautiful she is with my big black ass standing next to her. To me that’s what makes me the most made is the fact it’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop I’m completely helpless and have to hear about all this and can do nothing. Just the bitch Ness of some niggas. I definitely understand the privilege I have as a big black guy with a particularly angry face and tattoos I rarely if ever even get a hello and I love the fact that I pretty much am Unapproachable to most which means I have the ability to go to store or get gas and not worry about nothing and kills me that my mom or my sister or my wife have to worry about am I gonna be called a bitch or cunt or hoe bc I don’t wanna be bothered. Niggas need to really sit with the woman in they life n just listen to some of the reckless shit that they have to deal with just doing what would seem like basic shit n think about how they would react to just being called a bitch bc they were told smile and they were having a fucked up day.sorry this shit is so long but like I said as a man I have to deal with this fuckery through my wife EVERYTHING FUCKIN DAY and I’m sick of it

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