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876: Eudoxie


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and the crew from Three A Negroes Podcast (Rae, Jim and Neruda) after some technical difficulties the crew discusses the NYC blizzard baes, cooking to catch a mate, Ludacris wins custody, Marisa is home, Mariah and Nick getting sued, rent a house for the superbowl, the rent is too high for Jimmy McMillan, Mike Huckabee doesn’t like ladies cursing, Bill Cosby, BallerAlert, Pimping, horse sex, car abortion, cocaine in a fake leg and sword ratchetness.

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  1. BlaqRob

    Despite all the light skinned slander I’ve shot his way, I always really enjoyed J-Trill on the podcast. I’d hate to see our high-yellow brother catch a bullet for his nefarious behavior during this episode. We’d miss you J-Trill, but we’d tip a 40 to your memory…

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