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875: The Marshawn Lynch Mob


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Rod and Karen discuss Marshawn Lynch, Lil Wayne, snowblower accidents, 2 Chainz for mayor, Pat Robertson, transgender agenda, Gohmert on female republicans, Patricia Todd, new Ghostbusters, Chait, Hodgman, pedophile police applicant, police sexual assualt, Bradley Cooper, angry twitter bad for your heart, BallerAlert, borrow a gun from cops, puppy drowner, best teacher and sword ratchetness.

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  1. NuclearWynter

    I just wanted yall to know that I have not been able to get over Karen talking about flapping vagina lips. it has me dying every time I hear it. Sometimes I’ll just be sitting at work, minding my business, and suddenly I’ll hear Karen saying “women and their vagina lips flappin” in my head and I lose it. Tears streaming down my face, unable to breath, maniacal laughter. Makes my day. Also the dude who walked into the cop precinct and asked the cops for his gun and then called them “juicy cracker pus*y” is a national treasure. Another thing that had me cracking m3 cracking up. Yall are the best.

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