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874: My Big Fat Bleak Wedding


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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew from Three Guys On to discuss Andy’s Dog, Randolph’s birthday, Tim’s kid, Benedict Cumberbatch, New York City blizzard, Rashida Jones is tan, craigslist blizzard hook ups, Viola Davis acceptance speech, Mia Khalifa snitches on Drake, woman marries herself, sexless marriages, Dropkick Murphys, Atheist accused of persecuting Christians, Islamic course taught in schools, biggest loser, Fox News, couple returns money to Burger King, Snowball shooting, razor thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Butterbean

    My love/hate for Randolf/Mr. Stompzilla continues. He even stomped all over ya’lls iconic “Guess the Race” game. He has no chill button, but I did like his wife cutting in on him at one point in the middle of the show. This is why podcasts are the future and radio is dying.
    And I’m glad that you guys didn’t go over-the-top with criticizing the wedding. I saw constant comments about her being a pitiful, desperate person who is mocking marriage. While it was odd and comical, she wasnt the first to do this and I didn’t read anything about her giving up on love altogether. At least she didn’t settle for just any dude for the sake of being married. I wish the girl well, even though she looks like one of those women who will wait in a car for her man to walk over and open the door for her.

  2. sugahbabe

    I’m not mad at Cumbersnatch. He was the good slave master (12 Years) and descended from slave-owning peeps. At least he didn’t say nigger.
    Seriously, he apologized and wasn’t overly sensitive. No outrage here.
    I’m just mad I didn’t think of marrying myself instead of marrying my husband.
    I could have had a stripper walk me down the aisle.

  3. AJtheEngineer

    Sorry Karen and Rod I had to write again, I’ll add this to the 2015 tippie thread when it’s open.

    Funniest Moment 2015, episode 874 @ 1:38 -> 1:40, when Mrs. Randolf gets on the mic to grill Randolf about not knowing how to text.

  4. AJtheEngineer

    Yooooooooo I died and came back while yall were talking about that wedding. I saw that pic of all the bridesmaids and said to myself “that’s a hell of an offensive line right there”. I didn’t even notice that ALL the dresses were different just similar shades of grey. Oh man this lady lost right here, what’s she gonna say when a nice man asks her about her relationship in the future? I aint gonna think too much about it, I’m just laughing out loud at these jokes.

    This is the greatest baller alert article of 2015 so far, this dude is fed the hell up. And what the hell is a “different truth”? What is “interfacial dating”? “Dope won’t sell but pussy will?” WHY ROD WHY! Oh man I love this segment.

    Also shoutout to the chatroom, when Randolf and his wife started talking on mic EVERYBODY stopped typing so we could listen in, what a diabolical group of good people.

  5. what?!?!

    …were there TEN ppl in the bridal party that 1woman-wedding?

  6. dustdaughter

    Do we need Cumberbatch’s opinion on the state of Black British actors in the industry? Wouldn’t Elba, Ejiofor, Oyelowo and others offer a more informed opinion without using words that are outdated and offensive on both sides of the pond?

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