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873: Wacky Tacky Bush


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Rod and Karen discuss Lil Wayne, church racial divide, Palin’s speech, Rape threat over spoken word, Vanderbilt rape cast, Detroit rape kits show serial rapists, Fox lies on Muslims, Selma snub, troll grounds planes, Cam’ron, Anthony Mackie clarifies his statements kinda, RHOA poster, Black sheriff, Baller Alert, Drunk driving mom, sex ed teacher, dead withdrawal, elder abuse, jester pedo and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    As a resident of Milwaukee, I have to say that the clip of sheriff David Clarke you guys played fucked with me so thoroughly, that I wanted to punt a puppy. What news channel was that clip from?

    Oh, and did you guys hear the Anthony Mackie interview on Wheres My 40 Acres?
    Dude sounds kind of dumb.

  2. PrinceLeron

    The story about the rape kits in Detroit is devastating. I have always thought the biggest problem is rape in this country is the way law enforcement handles sexual assault cases. Firstly, there is no detective Stabler and Benson at these police departments. A lot of times you are reporting these crimes to a regular-ass cop. And the cops starts the cycle of shaming victims by choosing that time to roughly interrogate the victim. A few years ago I did a statistical report on sexual assault and the number of unprocessed rape kits in this country is unbelievable. They always claim they don’t have the money and some states force victims to pay for the processing of their own rape kit. I am willing to bet that those departments found the money to purchase military surplus. What the story reveals is that they don’t treat sexual assault as a priority. I believe the low prioritization of sexual assault is due to the fact that it is a crime that effects mostly women and that the rapers don’t fall into the correct demographics. They can’t spin the numbers where brown people are the ones committing these majority of these crimes. The face of sexual assault in this country are young white frat dude-bros.

    I have to add another thing that was being weighing on me heavily that somewhat involves this story. Cosby defenders kept implying that the reason that they didn’t believe these woman is because the didn’t report the crime in the appropriate manner. But you look at the Jameis Winston case where the young woman did everything by the books and she still got the same amount of vitriol. It’s what you guys have being saying all along, those people just hate women. That is why people got so mad over the “Rape Joke” slam poetry. What reason does anyone have to be upset over that?

  3. Cappadonna

    Rod – I am with you 1000% on Sarah Palin. If Liberals are scratching their heads why people care what the gibberish speaking mountain woman has to say, they need to watch Bravo & TLC for a week.

    Sarah Palin’s political success since 2008 has been built on a few simply premises.

    1. She’s pretty & most Republican men want to fuck her. It’s vulgar and gross, but as Tracey Morgan famously said, that woman is good masturbation material. And she knows it. This is a woman who famously posed in short shorts for Runners magazine and met with the McCain campaign staff in nothing but a towel. Not a robe, not ratty pajamas. Just a towel wrapped around her lady bits.

    1a. She’s pretty & most middle age Republican women wished they looked like her their husbands would want to fuck them. See Point 1.

    2. She’s an idiot, this is a grown woman with a journalism degree who doesn’t know basic history about World War II. Shit, you could learn the gist of that just watching old war movies from the 50’s. But Joe the Plumber, the best way to become famous in the modern GOP is to be able to project the ignorant mouth breather logic that is at the core of the Tea Party.

    3. Because of 1&2 – she knows that she’s a natural enemy of the clickbait, pearl clutching Social Justice Warrior crowd. Whatever she does, no matter how stupid, she knows that she’ll get attention from the Jezebel & Salon crowd – who can’t resist the temptation to report on a right wing idiot saying idiotic things.

    Well, that’s it. I’m glad other people are willing to state the obvious – Sarah Palin is the Kim Kardashian of politics.

  4. Super_xo

    Hey Rod and Karen. Love your show.

    I wanted to leave a comment supporting what Karen said during the episode about women getting raped by men that they Already have intimate relationships with. It happens often but many women don’t say anything because they are convinced that if they are in a relationship, then their body is belongs to their partner just as much as it belongs to themselves. Sad but true. I was raped by my ex fiancé while we were together and I didn’t realize that it was rape at the time. We had been together for 2 years and I said no but he thought I was joking and over powered me. I knew something wasn’t right because I felt empty and confused afterwards. He knew something was wrong about it because he asked if I was ok. It was Very awkward afterwards and we never brought it up again. We weren’t in any relationship trouble at the time and we were happy together overall. He wasn’t a bad person or did he “look” like a creepy rapist. I would’ve never agreed to almost marry him if that was the case lol I guess that’s why I refused to see it as rape. But that’s exactly what it was. I agree with Rod. People do need a lesson on whats consent. Then again, if someone wants to take it, they will period.

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