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907: Special Black


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. da_ticklah

    So do we get the SoCa (Soul of Calypso) interlude every week or nah, just playing…. but for real tho?

    Not a big deal but you’ve done it a few times but your pronunciation of Tobago is off Karen said it correctly, where the middle syllable sounds like bay not bah.


  2. Elderly Gambino (@TheWoundGod)

    HOLLLLLLYYYYY SHIT CAPPADONA(SP?) is SOOOO mad this week! I mean I can kinda understand the anger but good god almighty don’t nobody need to be THAT angry. Also that “Tim Curry/Tim Cook” tank when he was talking about the apple watch was good.

    As for the apple watch itself, I don’t think it’ll flop at all, I wish I remembered to vote in the poll but you know, playas fuck up. For the people that said “why not get the Pebble watch that’s $100 less”, well the pebble doesnt do as much as the apple watch and has the display of the original kindle.

    For the people saying “they’d rather get one of the android watches like the Moto 360 than the apple watch”, iPhone users don’t get that chance. Android Wear watches only works with android phones even though Android touts itself as been an “open and universal” platform.

    Lastly for people complaining about the fact there’s a 10,000 dollar solid gold option? Not everything’s for you, if that watch looks like the price of a car, it aint for you. If it looks like a down payment on a house it aint for you. Not everything has to be for the common folk, thats not how the world works. Hyundai makes a 10,000 dollar car and they also make a 150,000 dollar car. Why? Because companies are supposed to make products for all levels and that’s what Apple is attempting to do with the gold “Apple Watch Edition”

    Alas I doubt folks will ever to get to thinking like that with Apple because in their head quality doesn’t demand a higher price tag and the only thing Apple customers pay for in their head is a logo.

    Great show as always

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