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906: Grimey Rick Grimes


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and J-L Cauvin of the Righteous P**ck Podcast to recap the Walking Dead, Ferguson resignations, SEA fall out, BallerAlert, man robbed on air, crap car bandit, horse blower, woman thrown out of car and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Rod i bust out laughing when Karen was talking about the horse dick and you snuck in that “thank you baby” to funny keep up the good work guys.

  2. Chris from Hawaii

    This episode was so good. Everyone gave great insights and I learned how I’m watching this show all wrong. The rest of the show was great too. After that speech Carol gave I locked my bedroom door, left the light on and wrapped up under my covers.

  3. Cappadonna

    On Morning Joke waging their pasty, upper crust fingers at Wacka Flocka. Wow, you cannot get any ridiculous and examplar of “White Privilege” than listening to two middle aged white millionaires not named Rick Ruben waxing poetically and clutching their pearls of rap music in general.

    And frankly, it gets even whiter to listen to Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski (along with other white media) scolding Waka Flocka for refusing to perform at university where, in 2015, this kind of nonsense is tolerated. I never thought I’d say this but damn it, I respect Waka for standing up and not letting his art be used to cover up blatant racism. There two big points about this whole “Morning Joe” fiasco:

    A) As Al Sharpton pointed on “The Cycle” black artist using the N-word in a pop song is a lot different than bus of white students singing songs about lynching. Conflating the two is a distraction. I had small Facebook beef with my old manager – there’s this crazy notion that black people on talk about violence when it comes to the police shooting us. Uh, no, Black people talk about and fight against inner city violence (aka “Black on Black Crime”) regularly. It’s just the majority society basks in privilege and frankly couldn’t care what we Jungle Bunnies do amongst ourselves. It becomes a problem when Black people demand that the people paid to protect us stop treating us like prisoners in concentration camps that we’re told to ‘clean up our own house’.

    B) This is something few people, even liberals, have touched on. But of course y’all picked up on it quickly. It’s inherently racist to tell this young Black guy where he should and shouldn’t perform based upon his personal beliefs. If Lady Gaga or Madonna refused to perform in say, Alabama because of their backwards beliefs about gay marriage – we’d be applauding them as heroes and allies. Young black artist says ‘No, I’m not performing at a university where there is a sizable portion of students who think its cool to sing about executing people who look like me, the response from MSM is ” What? How dare you sir? Who said you can have an opinion, boy!! Don’t we good white people feed and clothe you? Now get back out on that stage and dance monkey.” It’s 2015, not 1815 and black people aren’t under any obligation to buck dance and soft shoe for anyone. Despite what the news says – we’re free citizens and have rights.

    C) And Rod – shout out to standing up for Al Sharpton. The man’s far from perfect, he’s all we got in the media and frankly, we need to stop letting these Causasoids loops us into deeming who should and shouldn’t present us. The Right hates Sharpton because been calling them out for their BS for over 30 years. White liberals don’t like him because he doesn’t give two craps about being respectable. And also, Al Sharpton doesn’t care about calling Black folks on what he sees as bullshit either. Few people harder against the N-word than the Good Rev. Hell, Sharpton and the NAACP tried to bury the word a few years ago.

    D) And Don Lemon. Yeah, give him all Chill’s dicks — he show that Cosby victim how to dodge the pee during a rape. I’ve met prostitutes with higher standards than Don Lemon. Is there no level this fool will stoop for rating? I can’t with this Negro. When the revolution comes – he’s catching two in the eye with the rest of the Step n’ Fetchit Conservatives.

    What can I say? I am not surprised. And frankly, keep that Scarborough & Brzezinski (or as the Professional Left Podcast calls them, “Squinty and the Meat Puppet”) still have a job is the reason why MSNBC is losing money. Who wants to tune to this Fox News lite Bullshit? Fuck those two ignorant devils and fuck that show – I’ll stick to Roland Martin on TV One.

    – Cappa

  4. P-Funk

    I listened to that Joe Scarbourough privileged, judgmental, circle jerk and what I heard wasn’t them trying to “what about black on black crime” the discussion. It sounded like they were lashing out at Wacka Flacka Flame specifically for taking a principled stance on the incident.

    “How dare this tattooed nig-, I mean thu-, I mean “rapper” who says the n-word all the time stand in judgment of these precious, white snowflakes!”

    To them, it wasn’t so much about shielding SAE from criticism; they couldnt stand the idea that someone that looked and talked like Wakka Flaka Flame was held in higher regard in the public eye than these “poor misunderstood young men” (who just happen to look like their sons) even for one day.

    I’m glad Al set the record straight later that day, and I know those are his colleagues, but part of me wishes he had put a bit more base in his voice and read her on air. Hope MHP covers it this weekend (she BAE).

    Keep up the fantastic work, y’all!

  5. Lita

    Watch how the camera flips on the zombie with the “W”. It zooms in and focuses on the zombies head with the letter appearing as an “m”.

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